N4C Competitions

N4C Information:

DSCC is a member of North Central Camera Club Council (N4C), a council of 44 clubs within 7 states. N4C holds monthly inter-club competitions. Local clubs judge the digital and print entries.  . Each club may enter up to 8 digital images and 16 prints per category each month. The DSCC judges N4C contests between 1 and 3 times a year.

N4C Categories:

The six N4C categories are:

1. Nature (DN) – illustrates all natural phenomena: plants, animals, insects, landforms, sea, and sky but with the condition that the “hand of man” does not show (i.e., roads, fences, wires, domestic animals or cultivated plants are unacceptable). Exception to this rule is made when nature invades man’s domain and lives in peaceful coexistence. Zoo or studio shots may be acceptable if the setting appears natural and appropriate to the subject.

2. Photojournalism (DJ) – usually refers to people and their environments; usual or unusual happenings: human-interest subject matter with strong story-telling quality. Selection of snappy titles is important for this category.  Above all, photojournalism images must tell a story.

3. Creative (DC) – imaginative, experimental departure from reality usually with the use of special techniques. However conventional methods with significant departure from realistic presentation would also be considered creative. This area of photography bridges photographic realism and creative art. The important thing is the result not the means to create it.

4. Travel (DT) – captures the feeling of a place and portrays a land, people, or culture in its natural state. It need not be a faraway place, what is home for you could be travel to someone else.

5. Pictorial (DP) – concerned with the artistic quality of the presentation of the subject rather than with the subject itself. Literally, all subjects qualify, but since “Impact” accounts for one-third of the score, subjects that catch the viewer’s eye will have an advantage. Pictorial may depict any subject matter. The stress is on technique, composition, and artistic presentation rather than on documentary approach.

6. Black & White (DB) – images taken in black & white

Submitting to N4C:

Printed images are sent out by club members in the most popular categories (Nature, Travel, Photojournalism, Contemporary, Pictorial and Black & White). ** All print categories (except PJ), mounting or matting of print is now optional.

Digital images are to be sent in .jpeg format to Mike Miller (mtmiller1946@yahoo.com). Files should follow the N4C format guidelines: file size maximum of 750KB and 1920 pixels along the longer side.

All entries must have specific information (title, category, name and club member number, and club name (Photo Travel requires an indication of location in the information).  All digital files should be submitted in .jpeg format. An example of correct titling of an image is as follows …

 01,DJ042,DP,Duluth’s Landmark.jpeg

 01 (entry number), DJ042 (your assigned N4C ID number), DP (category), Title of Image                                  

N4C Judging: 

Judged entries are returned prior to the next club meeting. Winning entries (Honorable Mention, Merit, and 1st, 2nd, or 3rd) are eligible for the annual N4C convention contest held the following September.