DSCC Local Competitions

Local Competition Information:

The DSCC holds 7 local competitions each year during our regularly scheduled meetings. No competitions are held during December, May (when we hold a yearly local print and slide show), and June. The categories for the next year are announced at the banquet in June.

Each member may submit two print and/or two digital images.

Digital images are submitted to the club through this website.

Prints can be any size and should be brought the night of the meeting.

Both Digital and Print pictures will be scored on three criteria:


Impact is the viewer’s initial response to a stimulating image. It’s the “Wow!” or “I like that!” factor of an image. The response might be to the photographer’s use of color or lines or shapes or contrast or texture or action, or even the subject itself. It is the immediate and most subjective of the three criteria.


Technique refers to how well the photographer uses any of the numerous photographic techniques (eg., focus, sharpness, detail, depth of field, color, selective focus, exposure, contrast, saturation, panning, etc.). Of course, photographers will not use all of these techniques in a photograph.


Composition is the art of placing subjects within a frame in a meaningful manner. Do you see the use of the Rule of Thirds (not an ironclad rule)? Vanishing point? A point of interest? Leading lines? The direction of light? Simplicity? Balance (symmetrical and asymmetrical)? Framing? Perspective? One main subject?

Club Competition Schedule

NEW! 2024

January – Tell me a story
February- Abstract
March – Minimalism
April – Feathers
May – Streetscape
June – Urban Landscape
July – Paths
August – ICM (Intentional Camera Movement)
September – Happiness
October – Blues
November – Skin/Semi-nude/Nude
December – Showcase – Open theme, submit up to 5 images!

You can upload images for any local club competition any time before each monthly competition deadline.

Updated 05/23/2024

Specifications for Submitting Digital Images

Digital images submitted to the club must follow the same specifications as N4C guidelines:

  • JPEG (.jpg) file format only.
  • 1920 pixels along the long side of the image.
  • File size less than 750kb (0.5mb).
  • sRGB color space.

Files are to be named according to following example:


  • 01 – entry number (do not change).
  • DJ000 – your assigned N4C ID number.
  • DP – category (DA, DB, DJ, DN, DP or DT).
  • Duluth’s Landmark – change to your custom title.
  • .jpg – file extension denoting JPEG image file.

Specific N4C category codes are not necessary in the file naming for club competitions (can be left as DP).

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