Interclub Photo Contests

The DSCC can provide judging of digital images including:

  • Platform for submitting images directly to the DSCC judging system.
  • Experienced photographers perform the judging.
  • Results in spreadsheet format with image file name, all judges’ scores and comments (if applicable).

Rules for All Digital Competitions

  1. Image Format — Image files must be in jpg file format. Saving jpg files using sRGB color space standard is recommended for consistent color under the projection conditions used for judging the contest. No logo or copyright is to appear on the image for judging. Copyrights may be included in the file metadata.
  2. Image Size – The longest side must be no more than 1920 pixels. The file size must be no more than 750 KB.
  3. Naming Image Files – Example: 01,CE028,DP,Beautiful Sunset.jpg. Following this naming convention is vital as this information takes the place of any further entry forms.
    a. 01, = to be used on all entries. It may be changed later and used to sequence the judging. The N4C Contact of the entrant’s camera club will use this number to sequentially number the filenames being submitted – normally from 01 up to 08.
    b. CE028, = entrant’s personal N4C Member Number. : (CE is the “Club Code” designation of the entrant’s camera club – See the section on “N4C Member Numbers” 028, = entrant’s personal ID Number within their club assigned by the entrant’s camera club. Get a personal ID Number from the N4C Contact of the entrant’s camera club)
    c. DP, = the Digital Pictorial contest category DN, = the Digital Nature contest category
    d. DT, = the Digital Travel contest category
    e. DB, = the Digital Black & White contest category
    f. DA, = the Digital Altered Reality contest category
    g. DJ, = the Digital Journalism contest category
    h. Beautiful Sunset = the entrant’s title for the image.
    i. jpg = the file extension indicating the format of the file (.jpg)
    j. Commas are used to populate the electronic record keeping system for tracking and judging.
  4. Entrants are to submit their digital image entries (jpg files) to their own club N4C Contact who is responsible for the N4C Digital Contests. The N4C Contact will consolidate all the entries, modify entry file names with the desired sequence numbers described above and below, and forward all entries to the appropriate month’s digital contest judging clubs.

Submitting digital images to the Duluth Superior Camera Club:

Digital images for interclub competitions are to be uploaded through specific pages on this website. Links to the necessary upload pages will be provided to the clubs to upload images directly.

  • File size maximum of 750KB.
  • Dimension maximum of 1920 pixels along the longer side.

All entries must have specific information.  All digital files should be submitted in .jpg format. File naming convention is detailed below. See the Digital Rules for additional reference.

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