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Glensheen Instameet

See photos from the recent DSCC Instameet at the historic Glensheen mansion.  Click Here

Photo hot-spot Repository

Looking for a new place to shoot in the Northland?  Check out the DSCC's new Photo Hot-Spot Repository!  Using this google earth file, you will be able to find new shooting locations.  Whatever your pleasure, click here to download the latest version of the Photo Hot-Spot Repository and start finding new places to shoot today!

2018 - 2019 Local Competition Topics

September - Architecture
October - Creative
November - Curves
January - Ice
February - Night
March - All Phone: Taken and edited on a phone
April -  Abstract

DSCC Challenges

DSCC challenges are designed to encourage shooters to get creative, go outside your comfort zone, expand on your skills, have fun, and challenge yourself!  Challenges run for three months at a time and have two topics.  One topic focuses on people (human beauty and all our differences), and the second focuses on nature and landscapes.  Specific topics for each challenge are listed below. 

All entries must be digital and submitted to dscccompetition@gmail.com by the 10th of the final month of the challenge.  More information coming soon.

Challenge Topics
Summer–September 2018
Theme: The Beauty of the Body and Vanishing Point

Fall- December 2018
Theme: Unforgettable Faces and Lost In the Woods  

Winter-March 2019
Theme:Focus on Your Hearts Desire and Winters Beauty  

Spring- June 2019
Theme: Film Noir Photography and Natures Camouflage

Submitting to N4C

Digital images are to be sent in .jpeg format to Mike Miller (mtmiller1946@yahoo.com). Files should follow the N4C format guidelines (1920 pixels along the long side).  

All entries must have specific information (title, category, name and club member number, and club name (Photo Travel requires an indication of location in the information).  All digital files should be submitted in .jpeg format. An example of correct titling of an image is as follows …

 01,DJ042,DP,Duluth’s Landmark.jpeg

 01 (entry number), DJ042 (your assigned N4C ID number), DP (category), Title of Image

For more information click here.

Rose Garden Instameet - July 2018