Have you ever seen a great northland image and wandered

"where was that shot taken?"


          You're in luck!  The DCSS has complied a database of photographic hot spots from around the Northland.  These "hot spots" represent the DSCC members favorite or little known shooting locations.   Do you want to capture a beautiful sunrise over Lake Superior, get the perfect ship photo, or shoot the Northern Lights?  Look no further! 

          The photographic hot spot repository is an ever evolving entity.  We are periodically adding new entries and new information to existing entries.  Not all entries will have the same amount information. If you would like to submit a new entry or add information to an existing entry please click here.

About the photographic Hot spot repository

What's in the repository?

          The repository contains a variety of useful information about shooting locations around the Northland.  Typical data for each location include GPS coordinates, a brief description, driving directions, a sample photo, what type of shots might be captured, and the best time of day/year to shoot.  

How do I access the repository?

          The repository is stored in the form of a Google Earth file (.kmz).  You may download the repository from the link below.  Once you have downloaded the repository to your computer, open Google Earth.  Then open the repository file in Google Earth by clicking "File > Open" and selecting the repository file.  Clicking on each of the pins will bring up the pertinent information for each shooting location.  

(For GPS coordinates, right-click a pin and select "properties" for PC  or "get info" for Mac.)
Need more help? Click here to download Google Earth.
This database is intended to help photographers of all skill levels and promote photography in the Northland.  Thanks to all the DSCC members who generously contributed.